Last week I had the good fortune of body surfing Waimea Bay. I love the sheer beauty of this patch of coastline, slightly indented from the open seas of the North Shore.  This is a place steeped in history. From mythical surf stars competing in legendary surf contests, to larger than life characters that first braved the waves in this bay, one legend stands out. His name was Eddie Aikau.

Eddie Aikau was a proud Hawaiian waterman.  As a vigilant lifeguard at Waimea Bay in the 70’s no one perished at this potentially dangerous spot during his watch.  When the situation was most dangerous Eddie never faltered. As a legendary big wave surfer he was not matched.  As a brave Hawaiian he laid down his life for his friends.

In 1978 Eddie was part of the Historical voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti of the Hokolue’a (a recreation of one of the original vessels used by Polynesians to land on these Hawaiian Islands over 1500 years ago).  Shortly into the voyage the double hulled canoe ran into troubles when she sprung a leak in the Molokai channel and capsized. After spending an evening without being noticed, Eddie convinced the captain to allow him to paddle the 12 miles back to Oahu in order to reach help. He was never seen again.


Eddie’s is a story of true servitude. Eddie was always there to rescue endangered beach goers on the North Shore, or to be part of an effort to ensure his heritage remained in tact for future generations or to save his friends and shipmates. He faced the unknown and went for it, hence the phrase “Eddie would go” came into being.  He always would go where he was needed.


During this time in Hawaii I am pondering what it means to go, like Eddie did.  What it means to follow one’s urges. What it means to gently listen to one’s heart and make the changes that are not easy to make. Or to face the yearnings of some unknown action that needs to be taken, and staying steadfast in the unknown until the answers start coming.


I wish for you a life that is full and alive. It matters not what it looks like. It’s your life and there’s no reason to compare. As long as you are happy, fulfilled and content with yourself that’s all that really matters. You may not have to do any major changes at all. Maybe just paying attention and “going deeper” into your current life is all you need to do to become fully alive.

What might you gain by deciding to say out loud  “I would go…”

I’m here waiting to help you go wherever your heart is calling you.

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