Honu is the Hawaiian name for the green sea turtle. I love how these gentle charming creatures play in the waves, bask in the sun and glide through the ocean with ease.

 When we arrived on the North Shore of Oahu the other day my wife and I took a late afternoon walk to Sunset Beach. Along the way we playfully called out “Honu…. Ho-nu!!!” summoning the Honu so they might come by so we could enjoy watching them.

 Yesterday afternoon our calling took effect and we met up with Honu at Laniakea Beach. Lots and lots of Honu.

Laniakea is unique in that it’s a place where the Honu feel safe to come ashore and be around humans. This is in large part to the Honu Gurdians that volunteer each day to ensure people show the Honu Aloha and respect. The Honu are free to frolic and enjoy without fear of too much human hassle.


We have stopped by this beach several times and have never seen the amount of Honu we saw yesterday. They were all over the beach. I got to experience them first hand, close up.

 What I immediately noticed was how the Honu bask in the waves. They don’t exert any effort moving against them, it’s almost as if they know the waves won’t ever move them to a wrong place. This became clear when I saw them “use” the power of waves to move their 250lb bodies up unto the rocky shelves where their food is. As soon as the turtle was where he could nibble the green goodness on the ledge, he set his flippers in place and started his buffet. When it was time to go, he allowed the surging waves to turn him out to sea, let his flippers up and flowed back out.  No straining, no effort.


When I came to Hawaii to write, film and reflect I told myself I would get the maximum amount of work done with the least amount of effort. Kind of like the Honu. I amaze myself at how often I get in my own way and don’t go with the flow. How my thinking can become circular, small and unhelpful. At how easy I forget my intentions and get sidetracked, worry and don’t trust life.

 Watching the Honu yesterday I stopped and learned from them. I let go of everything on my mind and just felt the sun on my body, the joy of the crowds and the feel of the coolness of the ocean on my feet. I reset my intention for my life and my practice.

 Life flows easier when I live like this. Letting go of the unnecessary and holding to what matters makes things effortless.

Is there something in your life you may be holding on to? I’m here to help you explore how we might get you back in the flow of life…











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