My favorite spot in Tokyo isn’t even in Tokyo. Kamakura is by the ocean, about 90 minutes from Shinjuku. The most famous thing in Kamakura is the great Buddha. I love going to this place. I love sitting in the temple courtyard during various seasons, watching school kids on field trips, observing Japanese from all over Japan taking in their heritage and foreigners checking off another site in their guide books.

The thing I like most about sitting by the Buddha is looking at him. His peaceful outer visage is a reflection of his inner being. He is beautiful in a sublime, yet natural way. It doesn’t matter if I am there when it is sunny, hailing, raining, windy or icy cold (I’ve been there during all of those kinds of weather), there he sits.

It’s how I wish to live my life. It’s how I ask myself every morning to be. I’ve learned that no matter what happens on the outside, or how I feel on the inside, I have the capability of being with those outer phenomenon, as well as inner mind states and getting to know them. Gently. That knowing makes all the difference in the world. Things don’t seem as scary and the feelings don’t seem so threatening once you get to know them.

I loved reading while sitting on the big stone to right of the buddha. The afternoon glow of fading sunlight in September is my favorite time to be there. I still feel the the autumn warmth on my face and the smell of rural Japan. I will be back there soon. To see my old friend. I learned so much from him, just by watching.


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