I’m a uniform, linear thinker. Clean lines and well thought out plans is what I do best. It’s what made me successful in business. It allowed me to run a 25,000 sf machining facility with 45 employees, and create systems that worked seamlessly to ensure on time delivery to customers. As President, it helped me run a very profitable company.

It also distanced me from my employees, my family and myself.

I recall the moment I decided I could not continue. It wasn’t a big or momentous event; it was more like a whisper.

I wanted reprieve within my mad dash -rush, rush, rush existence. My mind constantly heavy with every detail of the ever expanding needs of my successful business. Unhappy, discontent and numb in a position I no longer desired. My relationships frayed from inauthenticity. I had lost my purpose.

Solace sometimes came on Saturday afternoons and dissolved by Sunday when my mind would whip off at warp speed worrying about the week to come…furiously making plans for Monday. The only time I could feel alive was on vacation…and even after two weeks away all it took was a few hours at the office to demolish any sense of renewal.

I was tired of constantly feeling wound up and only being “happy” when things went my way and going through the roof when they didn’t. I had a constant sense of unease.

Fear, inertia and inflexible thinking kept me in the VOID of my life for 20 years. One day I finally listened to my inner voice one day and I began my change.  Now Is The Time To Begin Your Change.

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