In a lot of ways surfing is the perfect metaphor for life. When I surf I am in a dance between going where the wave is heading and directing the board where I want to go.

In life my particular circumstances are like the wave and how I choose to live my life is a lot like riding the wave.

Surfing to me is pure magic.

A big part of surfing is waiting for wave sets to come in. The key is being patient yet acutely aware of what’s heading my way. Once I see or feel movement I can position myself closer to where I anticipate the wave will reach me. It takes practice to read the incoming waves. Sometimes it’s half the fun.

 When sets finally  do roll in I make choices. I may hold back and let the first one pass on by letting others in the line up catch it, while I take the next one that may be larger. Sometimes I am in perfect position and I energetically take the wave that has met me. Other times I paddle with vigor into position and my instincts tell me when to go for it competing against other surfers in the line up. It’s a vibrant feeling!

 Once the wave has me in its crest, there’s a feeling of lift that lets me know when to stand up. It’s subtle but at that moment I know the wave and I are one. I jump up and ride the wave. I head along with it but I choose to turn right or left, ride it with gusto or with gentle style. It’s up to me.


It’s kind of like life. I get to choose how I show up for it.


There are a lot of things that need to happen before we can ride the waves of life. We need to decide what we want. We need to prepare to be ready for what life hands us. We need to know how to read the bumps in the horizon. We need to build up our “paddling arms” and need to train physically and mentally.

 Why don’t you come on over and get ready to ride the waves of your life with style, vigor and enthusiasm. Surf’s up dude.


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