My heart softening towards itself, the transgressor, and life, I venture into the fading light of day. I carry my board with resolve, gently lower it into the waters, and paddle with purpose out into the sea of you.


The day’s last embers on my face still ebb heat against the splashing cool of ocean. For the longest time I sat. I noticed things. Feelings. Currents. Anger, fading like the afternoon light. Coolness. Stillness. Acceptance. Suddenly day has passed into dusk.


Then I feel a bump beneath me. I look back but all I see is darkness. Then one more bump.


Body ready, senses heightened like radar. I paddle.


Out of nowhere I feel energy power lift me, instinctively I jump up, riding down the face of a wave I cannot see, only experience. Free Flow. Pure Energy. Crisp Exhilaration.  Up the wave and back down, over and over all senses firing in the semi darkness.


an eternity of ALIVE


suddenly I am on shore, heart beating tears flowing gratitude exploding in my heart…

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