I’ve spent a good part of my life feeling incomplete, not whole or unified. I’m talking about sensing a disjointed feeling within myself and a sense of separation from the world outside of me. I’m guessing this is a common theme.  It’s a huge part of our suffering as human beings.

We ruminate about what’s missing, what’s wrong, what may go wrong, what is required of me, what I need from you, what I want, what I don’t want. It’s not our fault. Blame evolution. If we were always blissful we would not get a lot done and we probably would not have survived as a species. There’s a part of our brain that is always scanning for danger, opportunity and contrasting, judging our current experience with what we have learned before. It’s brilliant actually.

The problem is we have been become far too advanced in this school of thought. It’s become our prevalent worldview. Everything has become a problem to be solved, an issue we need to address or a cause we need to fight for. Couple this with a feeling that we need to have a perfect balanced life and there is little room for joy, let alone happiness.

What if there was a way we could see things with less judgment, and resist always having an opinion about everything? What if we could start each morning fresh and free from the residue of our past thoughts and feelings?

I believe this is not only possible but it is necessary if we wish to feel unified with ourselves, with each other and life. Living with less evaluation and judgment, allowing things to be as they are for a moment before we dismiss them as being wrong allows for more options. It also allows for more happiness.

How about noticing how things feel (as they are), not as how we filter them?

If you’ve ever been overwrought by these kind of disjointed feelings and you realize that it’s time to wake up from your dream (or nightmare) please give me a call.

We can work together so you can wake up to each moment, notice all of your sensations and have a sense that they are breathtakingly beautiful, complex and sensual. You’ll see that you are whole, in-spite of what you’ve been telling yourself.

We’ll create your gateway to living life fully.

From where you are standing right now.


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