What are you putting up with?  When I stop and consider all the things that keep me up at night, make me uptight and just drive me nuts I’m always astounded at how much of that stuff is just crap I let happen to me.  It’s usually junk I don’t have the nerve to face or that I’m too complacent to change. Does this sound familiar?

  I am always curious when people tell me things like “I have to do that”, or “they never will change”.  My mind then thinks: “Why exactly do you have to do that?” and “Have you ever talked to them about that thing, the thing you think that they will never change?” Nine times out of ten people will answer they never thought to ask either of those questions. So, what are you putting up with?

 I’ve been told once that I fail as a leader when I placate. Placating is easy. It keeps the peace and it keeps things the same. Problem is “more of the same” won’t get me to a better place nor will it make my life any easier, happier or more alive. I’m assuming it’s the same story for you.

 Are you willing to ask yourself what you are putting up with? What is it you need or what the other person who drives you nuts might need? What that tricky situation needs? It’s a good way to finding out exactly why things are going the way they are, what you need less of, or what you really would like instead.


 How might asking yourself “what am I putting up with?” allow you to gain some control in a way you never thought possible?

What might using the phrase “I really don’t have to” do for you?

Contact me to ask you “why do have to do that exactly?” and gain some well deserved freedom…




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