I AM infinite stillness born of ease and flow. I am pure connection to the All Powerful and I create what IT wants. 

I AM Free.

I serve, love and acknowledge the person in front of me. No one is worthy of my judgement or anger, and everyone is worthy of my love. Because I create my world in this way, I take empowered action and I am fearless bold and courageous. 

I am unleashed. I am peaceful, yet impactful as a Velvet Bullet. I am a Grand Master of BEING with the peace of mind and freedom of heart to cut through all lies of lack and limitation, suffering and separation.

I live a life of integrity; I am forever at play, and I live in the mystery. I create from the unknown.

I am the sunlit wave that washes over your broken heart, the one that seeks soothing, cooling and healing. I am the eternal wave that crashes over your yearning soul that has you become alive.


The feast of Gary Mahler’s life

Gary currently lives in Japan with his family. He is currently relishing a 2 year adventure of a lifetime in Tokyo. His children are enrolled in the Japanese school system; exploring their Japanese heritage and culture as he and his wife Kanako fully enjoy all that Tokyo has to offer.


Gary runs Mahler International Coaching Inc. from his home-base in Shibuya, while his new home and coaching studio is being built in Vancouver Canada. Gary is on a mission to create leaders who live a life of integrity, adventure and passion. He mentors, business owners and entrepreneurs who desire a life of impeccability and wholeness. Gary is dedicated to becoming Alive in every aspect of life and sharing his unique way of mentorship with inspiring people who are tired of grinding their way to a “perfect life that” is far from perfect, but instead desire a life built with ease and flow and wondrous results from a powerful way of being.

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