With a goal of getting focused for the new year and building my business, I began working with Gary.

What I learned, I learned quickly, including:

  1. That I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED – and when I stand in that power my life works
  2. I am more clear on what I want
  3. I have an idea for another book I can write
  4. I feel a sense of stepping into and owning my wisdom
  5. I’ve received guidance on eating and living more healthily
  6. I feel renewed, regenerated and much more!

I loved Gary’s style: pure listening, exploratory mutual thinking, sharing of ideas. He is warm and caring.

As a result of our work, I am re-energized and I am focused on tangible results.

Coaching with Gary has been one of the richest coaching experiences I’ve ever had. Be be prepared to be really honest with yourself and welcome the ideas that will emerge. Be ALL IN because Gary is the ultimate in service of you living your life.

-Aileen Gibb