My journey towards the constructive collision with Gary started with a flip of a coin in February where an over worked single male had a decision to make – Miami or LA for his 2 week vacation in May. LA was “tails” and LA it was.

Sunday, May 3, 2015. It is 6:30 am and I am standing on Venice Beach Pier watching the Pacific pound the beach. As a Brit abroad I had not seen anything like it. The weather reports, seemingly obsessed with wave heights, swell and rip currents had been noted – but I had no idea what it meant. Watching the waves that morning – I know what that looked like – menacing and scary.

On the Pier was a lady taking photographs and this “surfy” looking dude. Like me he was up at a very unsociable time on a Sunday morning. A cup of coffee in his hand – I had a decision to make. Talk to him. I couldn’t stop it. The voice in my head, my intuitive self that I was listening to said, “ignore the fact that it may come across strange – talk to a stranger – introduce yourself David.” At the same time Mr. Taylor was shouting, “this is not what British people do, not where British people are supposed to be – ignore David and just cycle back to your condo and get over your jet lag.”

David won. I chose to listen to him! It was one of the moments that changed my life. Since then I have worked with Gary and I am so proud to write this piece as David Taylor. Ok Ok Gary isn’t a miracle worker, Mr. Taylor and David can sometimes part company for a few days but with Gary on the end of a phone or email – well David Taylor emerges stronger and more equipped to get on with living in the “flow.”

Mr. Taylor should add – distance, time zones, schedules could all make working with Gary challenging. Nope – just make some choices. Skype is our current tool, once every 2 weeks and it works. If you don’t want to be challenged, to work hard, to keep to agreements and to push yourself – then get off this website quickly before he works his Vancouver based, Japanese inspired and Hawaiian fueled brain magic. If you want to experience support and coaching – not mentoring, not therapy – coaching – practicable advice, life changing challenges, born from frank and honest communication. If you want to be the best version of you in the very present moment you are in – say hello to this surfy dude. You will not regret it.