I wanted to create a greater sense of personal freedom in my life. I wanted to go beyond the “sense” of freedom and become a freer person. I wanted to launch my company, Dream Job Designs, to bring the ideas I’ve been working on to revolutionize the way the world thinks about career to the masses. I wanted to create at the highest level of my potential. 

Gary and I had several detailed conversations ahead of time before we began our work to create a clear, mutual understanding of our working styles, our collective goals, my personal goals and anything else I could possibly think of.

In the time we’ve been working together, I have created several new clients, renewed partnerships, gotten my book outline off the ground (manuscript will be in to the publisher by September 1), created Dream Job Designs, and I am currently preparing it for launch. I have CRUSHED the fears that were holding me back from my freedom, and I am boldly creating new clients, products and partnerships in the world.

Everything that I’ve asked for, that I’ve discovered I’ve needed, that I’ve reached out about, Gary has provided. Gary has helped me structure my BIG goals and boil them down to the basic steps I need to bring them to fruition. Gary has supported me through continuing to build my coaching business and helped me create Dream Job Designs. He has also provided constant support so that when I doubted my ability to do any one thing, he would gently nudge me into the confidence I needed to create it.

My experience with Gary has been fun, transformational, insightful and exactly what I needed out of a coaching relationship at this point in my life – a strong mix of business expertise and advice AND life coaching. I’ve been able to push myself to become a better version of myself thanks to my work with Gary.

Gary is a true partner, friend and coach. As I am getting ready to launch the pilot product of my new company, and am in the process of writing / publishing my book I have renewed my working relationship with Gary because there is no other coach I would rather have with me in this process.

– Elatia Abate, CEO Dream Job Designs