Guy BouchardFinding the words to properly express how you feel about a certain person or situation isn’t always easy. Gary has brought so much goodness into my life through his mindfulness based coaching that I’m unsure how I ever went without it. I definitely had expectations when going into our coaching relationship, as we all do, but nothing could have prepared me for the transformation ahead. 

I’ve been working with Gary for approximately 1 year now. When I first met him, I was sad on the inside in a big way. I felt like I was conscientiously wasting away my potential. I was getting results in certain areas of my life but not in the ones that mattered most to me. At first I wasn’t even sure what those were, I just knew that I needed change if I was ever going to find the happiness I deserved. 

I look back now over the past 12 months and realize that I’ve regained my love for life, built up my inner confidence, learned to appreciate the people and feelings that surround me and most of all, learned to love my self for the amazing individual that I am! I’m facing some great challenges at my business right now and the path that lies ahead is very uncertain. A year ago the same situation may have crushed me. Now, instead, I find myself more excited than I’ve been since the start of my company.

Thank you for everything Gary! I’ve learned so much from you in the short time that I’ve known you and I’m no longer “trying” to be the person I want to be…. I just “am” who I want to be, moment to moment.

-Guy Bouchard, President Top Down Investments