I had recently quit my steady job as an accountant, I was lost and unsure of what to do with my unfulfilled life. One day, while searching online, I came across an ad for Gary’s services.

Quite simply, working with Gary was life-changing.

Together, we focused on how many of my personal characteristics and patterns forced themselves into every element of my life. We worked with the ever-present anxiety, worry and fear that threatened to take over my career, passions and relationships. Through reflection, I was able to see and understand where these emotions that I continuously had to deal with, were stemming from.

Gary helped me look at myself differently, treat myself differently, and live my life differently.

After our meetings, I feel a strong sense of peace and calm in my life for the first time. Gary has helped me uncover my key values for personal and professional growth–allowing me to feel AliveĀ and in control.

Gary has a way of channeling my energy, knowing when to delve deeper into a memory or subject that, while normally overlooked, will reveal endless amounts of information.

Through my experience, I have recognized that Gary can effortlessly make anyone feel calm and welcome. He works with you to be open and honest with yourself. His process changes lives.

-Justine Sharpe