Gary and I had two – two hour deep coaching sessions each and they were amazing. In the first conversation we talked about my personal intimate relationship and in the second coaching session we talked about how I ‘get clean in 2016’. This is where I made significant progress. Gary challenged me to have an open, honest and vulnerable conversation with my former coach. I did so and it felt fantastic.

Gary is direct and definitely comes from a space of compassion and love in his coaching.

The biggest result was that I leaned further into my edge of opening up, expressing myself and ‘getting clean in 2016’. A weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Gary is a dynamo! He is great to be in conversation with and he is so incredibly giving, loving and compassionate. I also loved how he checked in during our month of coaching together.

Gary gives you his all. He puts his heart and soul into his work. He is an amazing coach if you are ready for some BIG REINVENTION in your life.

-Karen Davis, Executive Coach, Karen Davis Coaching