My life and career had been comfortably on autopilot until I had my first child. No one would have believed this with the myriad of startup businesses and other work I did, but there was little to no consciousness…I was floating down a river and realized I didn’t even know where I wanted to go with my life. Over time I had all but lost sight of myself and had no idea what I wanted from life.

I wasn’t able to see my own value.

I had tried coaching and had basically given up on finding someone that could see through my façade. I was successful, appeared to have it all with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and confidence yet on the inside I was insecure and filled with self- doubt. I blamed myself for failures and at the same time had a method for justifying any action or inaction, hiding from the fear of failure that was handcuffing me. I was worried no one would ever find out as much as I was worried someone would. And I was terrified no one could help.

When I found Gary, I found a person who had lived my struggles and therefore knew the challenges I was facing. I realized that I needed to work through my challenges with a coach that was as invested as I was, and at the start even more. I realized I was not alone and that change was possible. Gary opened my eyes to who I was, and he gave me back my feelings of self-worth. From there all else began to work, and the results continued to manifest in all aspects of my life.

I value Gary’s straightforward approach, intelligence, enthusiasm and ability to draw from his own life to make our work together real. He has a phenomenal ability to impart a vision through the use of metaphors. I have grown stronger because of his commitment to me (and to perfecting his Swahili).

Trust is built up quickly with Gary when you open up, and I believe Gary’s ability to hone in on the main issues improved drastically due to his own commitment to self-improvement. Gary is not stagnant in his practice. He is in a state of continued self-exploration in his service to others, and his powers for lack of a better word, are strong and getting stronger.

The impact of working with Gary has been life changing, with virtually continuous positive reverberations. Like a permanent increase in horsepower with a reduction in fuel consumed or required.

I walk with Gary’s words and insights close at hand every day. This gives me comfort and strength. I have a foundation in my life now that will never shift because of the work I did with Gary to re-lay the bricks the right way.

Other than my parents who haven’t had a direct influence on my life in over 30 years, Gary has had the biggest impact on me becoming the man I want to be and living as the man I am.