I am an artist who has been struggling for years to balance the demands of a day job (and all the bills in life) with my artistic aspirations. I had felt stuck and unable to see how to improve my life.

After meeting Gary, I immediately began to notice a shift in where my focus was. Instead of feeling bogged down with all the perceived shortcomings in my character, the very limited progress I was seeing, and the endless obstacles in my way, I began to observe how well parts of my life were going, how much progress I had overlooked, and how little value I had placed on certain parts of my character.

Gary’s playful and sincere desire to see me achieve my goals is a delight. He enables me to see differently- things that once seemed immovable could suddenly be held in my hands, turned and observed from different angles, and placed back into any position I wanted.

Instead of encouraging me to “get back up, and try harder”, he showed me how much energy was being diverted away from my goals, simply because of the way I was looking at things. I discovered that my natural inclinations towards relaxing, channel-surfing, and avoiding certain tasks could be “coaxed” into serving my goals- he literally tricked my “inner sloth” into enjoying helping to achieve my dreams!

I am now transitioning into a much more satisfying “day job”, and feel excited about freeing up more time AND money to devote to my artistic dreams. I would heartily recommend Gary to anyone who feels the call to something more- to making a difference in the world, and not settling.

-Michael Goudge