I hired Gary because I wanted to build financial wealth through my businesses and investments. I wanted to create an amazing relationship with an incredible girl and improve my life in general. Before working together, I felt like I was doing something wrong, maybe I didn’t have the right systems in place. I was going in circles not knowing what the next step was. Underneath it all, I wondered if maybe it wasn’t what I was doing, but that I wasn’t enough to have or create everything I wanted.

During our coaching sessions, Gary held space for me to find myself and build more self-awareness. I was grounding myself into my own greatness. When I found my inner peace, I could go back into the world with that peace.

I have peace of mind now and much more powerful relationships. I tap into my infinite intelligence and surrender to life and how it plays out. I have made massive strides towards my financial goals. I love myself more. I respect myself more. I back myself 100% of the time. I have moved away from shame and self-berating behavior towards caring and holding loving and compassionate space for myself. I have everything it takes to create my life on my terms. 

I won’t know what the step will be and how it will present itself and now I can accept that as a fact. It’s fine. I am now grounded in the unknown; instead of focusing my energy on what I’m doing wrong, I meditate and visualize on what I want.

Overall this experience was a 10/10 for me. I know I am enough. My world, my reality, is created by who I BE. I have everything I need to construct my ideal life and vision right now. I am worthy. Working with Gary was grounding. I am powerful, self-aware, and elevated.