I was in a critical crossroads where I felt that I needed to get to the next level in my life and career, but wasn’t sure which road was the right one for me.

It was a rough, long and slow rollercoaster ride for me …and it was around this time that I started coming to Gary for life coaching to get some perspective in my life.  

Gary is great, himself a previous entrepreneur, he understood what I was going through and was able to be my sounding board in the areas of health, executive career and relationships.
As it turns out Gary has tremendous insight into my business situation as well and our coaching very quickly shifted towards executive coaching. He recognized that our main concern at the moment is my the establishment of my new marketing agency as it is currently the driver for everything else in my life, with relationships a close second.

Gary always makes himself available for coaching and to give feedback on my situation and asks me powerful questions to get me thinking outside my box. I (and you!) don’t know what I don’t know and there are times I need someone to say or show me something differently before new ideas will come up. Sometimes it’s good just to have someone confirm that you are on the right path and to give you little nudges to keep you on course as well

Gary Mahler is that someone. If you are in a position of ownership, leadership, or a trailblazer in your industry, talk to Gary.
– Ronald Lee, CEO Ronald Lee Studios