When I met Gary, I thought I was at a time in my life when I was unfocused and less productive than I could be. 

Gary saw past this.

He helped me realized these were just stories I was telling myself. He actually helped me see that my life was already very close to where I wanted it to be – 95% there to be exact. He pointed out all my successes, and highlighted things I might have missed. 

We built upon my current situation and I stopped focusing on what I felt I didn’t have and we worked on what I wanted to create, and who I needed to be in order to create it. We worked on small tweaks to my thinking which allowed for me to empower my focus, productivity as well as my direction and goals.

We spent time strolling the city and sitting down in my office getting work done, while changing how I viewed myself. Gary was entertaining, straightforward and challenged me to be the best I could be.

Gary is not an accountability coach. He told me this up front. Yet he kept me accountable via short, pithy emails that kept me to task on what I said was important. I hardly ever replied and he loved it. I got busy into action and doing the necessary required actions to meet my goals. These actions empowered me. He was always there thinking about me, and reminding me of what I said I felt was important.

Thanks to Gary I discovered new ways of being and also got onto a higher level of productivity. I have a better understanding of who I need to be so I can create my world. He’s helped me to be accountable to myself, my agency and my legacy.

-Sam Sullivan, Visionary, Former Mayor of Vancouver, Order of Canada recipient, and the inspiration for a movement called Sullivanism,