Gary rose me from the ashes, helped me come home to myself, and catapulted me into my true life, my true soul purpose and mission.


Here’s what you’re in for if you take the leap to work with Gary.


Gary unravels you from the inside out. He catalyzes massive heart quakes and soul quakes. He boggles the crap out of your noisy, egoic mind that has enslaved you all your life.  You’ll fall to the ground and sob for hours on end. You’ll feel what you need to feel. You won’t avoid or repress what hurts. You face what’s true, and also what isn’t true.


Coaching with Gary is not easy. He doesn’t make things pretty or soft. He doesn’t handhold you. He doesn’t let you run from “stuff”.


But you know you’re going to make it through, because in your bones, you can feel that he’s got you, and he loves you – probably a lot more than you have ever loved yourself.


He lets you discover yourself in your own process, inviting you to share while “being” with you in a way that makes you feel safe. He listens deeply. He is a man of few but sage-like profound words of wisdom that are potent medicine. His sayings are specifically and uniquely for you. They stay inside you forever and they ring whenever you need guidance, like your own internal sacred bell.


Gary is with you with ultimate, divine presence. He is here to guide you back to your own home: your soul self, with all the layers unpeeled, all the unserving beliefs, stories and conditioning unravelled and dismantled, so that you can BE you.


From BEING you, authentically and purely you, your entire life becomes an infinite flow of miracles. You then effortlessly, unstoppably emanate your gifts from overflow, and attract everything that is right for you. You become a magnet of all that is aligned and resonant with you.


For those who wish to read in concrete, practical terms what this meant in my life, here is a summary of my journey with Gary and since Gary. From learning to “be me”, I’ve gone from struggle and agonizing pain, to ease, flow, joy, and being awed and humbled with blessing after blessing literally every single day.


Through my two periods of coaching with Gary (2012-2013, and 2018-2019), he saw me through: single mothering of a 2yo to a thriving 12yo; rebuilding my life without any kind of financial support; founding a publicly listed company; conceiving, building and operating a paradigm-shifting intergenerational model of aging in place that has helped many families flourish, and has ignited the industry to innovate and take it further; leaving my own company to create vaster impact while facing my mother’s judgment that I was giving up, abandoning, disloyal etc., and also losing the love of my life, which was a transformative love for me, but also an unhealthy, addictive relationship.


From leaving my company, I moved on to a project that involved 15 years of lose-lose with every possible stakeholder. When I was asked by the shareholders to take it on as CEO, I doubted whether I wanted it. I was fatigued and afraid to sign up for the burden.


Gary encouraged me, believing in his heart and in his wisdom, that it was truly meant for me: the kind of impact I am built for, and the healing of ancestral karma.


Gary instilled me with courage and faith to step into my power. I accepted the role on several conditions, which I wrote into an unusual employment contract. The contract explicitly said that the shareholders were to: let go of control, trust me to take an approach that I guaranteed to be wildly unconventional and uncomfortable, align with each other and with me…and I would leave immediately if I had to do anything incongruent with what I stand for, which is conscious leadership that serves the greater cosmic good.


Taking on the CEO role is when my engagement with Gary ended, as I knew I was ready to get on with my life with all that he taught me about “Being”.


So, I proceeded to turn around a contentious luxury development project that wounded a close-knit community. In 1.5 years, I converted every one of the shareholders’ “archenemies” (persons and organizations) into friends and partners, and I delivered a 32-acre waterfront Nature Reserve at market value, when historically parks are acquired at 80-90% discount. In one more year, I created a 240-acre regional park, again at market value, with a unanimous YES by 40 politicians, representing 22 municipalities, and with the endorsement of Squamish First Nations. It is a legacy across all time-space. Instead of 59 families exclusively enjoying an ecologically and recreationally significant coastline, I have united public and private interests. The conversion of luxury residential waterfront into a park is set to inspire other land holders to make decisions in the highest interest of all of humanity and all of creation. The shareholders are exiting their investment not only with a repaired reputation, but with great pride after nearly 2 decades of being stuck and hated. Economically speaking, they are making exactly as much as if they were to sell to another developer. Meanwhile, I’ve made 350-450% of what I used to make in every year since I left my own company. There is celebration all-around.


In the process, I’ve grown into my sovereignty, and every single blessing beyond my imagination has come to me without me seeking. There are no mechanics to explain.  All I did was “be me”. I showed up for what emerged, without agenda from the egoic mind. I progressed upwards through four layers of consciousness simply by letting go of yearnings to meet others’ expectations. All those who didn’t belong in my life gently took their right places, and I mine. I’ve attracted incredible souls, including a partner who shares my spiritual path, adores everything about me, and sees me as his queen, and the Queen with a capital Q.


By “Being”, my life and my world, inside and outside, are perfect bliss.


Helping you fully embody your unique Being is Gary’s gift.